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"I'm Vanesa, a curious blend of Basque and Cuban siren, with a personality as vibrant as the colours of an Havana sunset. Born in the enchanting Basque Country and raised under the Caribbean sun in the rhythm-filled streets of Cuba, I'm a theatre actress and model with a passion for life that matches the beats of a salsa band".

" I carry the sea on my veins,

and the sun is on my skin,

and if you listen closely you can hear the whispers of the waves."

"When I'm not lighting up the stage,

you can find me striking poses in front of the camera, bringing a touch of Cuban flair.

My performances are not just about lines and poses; they're a celebration of life and love".


2022_04_15_Vanessa_LOOK4 83.jpg
2022_04_15_Vanessa_LOOK4 55.jpg

"With a heart as warm as the Cuban sun, I navigate life with the rhythm of the rumba. Whether I'm on stage, in front of the lens, or just sipping cafecito with friends, I bring a little piece of Cuba wherever I go."

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